Private Pilot Licence (Aeroplanes)

Train to act as pilot-in-command of an aircraft under visual flight rules.

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The course breakdown:

45 hours minimum flight instruction, of which 10 hours are supervised solo
9 theoretical knowledge examinations
FRTOL required
Class two medical required for solo flight

Pre-entry requirements

You must be at least 14 years of age to log hours towards the PPL(A).

Course content

Familiarisation (Trial Flying Lesson)
Effects of controls
Straight & level flight
Slow flight
Stalling & spin avoidance
Takeoff & climb to the downwind position
The circuit, approach and landing
Emergencies in the circuit
First solo
Advanced turning
Forced landing without power
Precautionary landing
Instrument flight introduction
Visual navigation
Navigational problems at lower levels & in reduced visibility
Radio navigation
Air law
Operational procedures
Aircraft general knowledge
Principals of flight
Human performance & limitations
Flight planning & performance

Validity period

The PPL(A) does not expire.

However, you will be issed with a Single-Engine Piston (Land) Rating. This rating allows you to fly single piston-engined aircraft with a maximum takeoff weight of 5,700kg. It is valid for 24 months.

There are two ways to revalidate (keep valid) the SEP (Land) Rating:

  • within the 3 months preceding the expiry date of the SEP (Land) Rating, pass a proficiency check with an examiner; or:
  • within the 12 months preceding the expiry date of the SEP (Land) Rating, complete 12 hours of flight time, including:
    • 6 hours as pilot-in-command;
    • 12 takeoffs and landings; and:
    • refresher training of at least 1 hour with a flight instructor.

Should your SEP (Land) Rating expire we can offer refresher training as needed to pass a proficiency check with an examiner.

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