Aerobatic Rating

Learn how to safely perform aerobatic manoeuvres including rolls, loops and turns.

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The course breakdown:

5 hours of flight instruction
Theoretical knowledge instruction

Pre-entry requirements

To start the Aerobatic Rating course you must:

  • hold a valid LAPL(A) / PPL(A) / CPL(A);
  • have completed at least 40 hours of flight in aeroplanes as flight time post licence issue.

Course content

Slow flight and stalls / steep turns / introduction to unusual attitude recovery
Side slips / engine restart in-flight (if applicable) / spins and recovery
Recovery from spiral dives / recovery from unusual attitudes
Chandelle / lazy eight / rolls
Loops / inverted flight / hammerhead turn / immelmann
Human factors and body limitations
Technical subjects
Limitations applicable to the specific aircraft category (and type)
Aerobatic manoeuvres and recovery
Emergency procedures

Validity period

The Aerobatic Rating does not expire.

However, we set our own check dates, where your competence is assessed and refresher training can be performed. At these checks we also set your recovery height, whether you can carry passengers and which manoeuvres you'll be allowed to practice.

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